Gorden & Shirley Montgomery, Southern Illinois

Gorden & Shirley Montgomery, Owners

Gorden and Shirley Montgomery started Agri-Life Products, Inc. in 1982. In the early years of the company, farmers and golf clubs were their primary customers. The business focused on providing southern Illinois with quality agriculture products and soil consulting to help customers improve their soil. This would result in better crop production or improved turf grass quality, all while incorporating methods that use less chemicals. Gorden and Shirley have worked with organic farmers all over the country, and now work with homeowners in southern Illinois to help them improve their gardens and landscapes.

In 1996 the business branched out to include lawn mower sales, both commercial & residential. Now Agri-Life Products, Inc. provides sales, parts and service for Dixie Chopper mowers as well as RedMax blowers and trimmers. Today, Gorden Montgomery works as Soil Consultant and head of Agriculture Products. Shirley Montgomery is the company accountant.

Richard Gaddis, Southern Illinois

Richard Gaddis, Business Manager

Richard Gaddis not only serves as the business manager for Agri-Life Products, Inc., he is also a technician certified in small engine repair with several years of experience, and assists customers with equipment sales and parts. Richard goes above and beyond to give expert advice, always with the customers best interest in mind, whether over the phone or in person.

At Agri-Life Products, Inc., our main objective is always to give the customer the very best service and to provide products at the lowest possible price.